What To Do When Dog Attacks a Possum? -The Essential Guide

Dogs and Possums are two of the most common animals. Many homeowners have one or the other, and sometimes both. While it’s not a common problem, some dog owners are dealing with an aggressive dog that has decided to target a possum. Possums are cute little creatures found throughout many parts of Australia. Even so, they aren’t welcome everywhere, and

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Cat Meows When Pooping? Why is that?

Cats are intelligent, social animals, and they have their way of communicating with each other. Have you ever wondered why Cat Mewos when pooping? The answer is there may be many reasons behind these Meows after pooping.   If this is your first time owning a Cat, and you hear Meows in the house, perhaps from the room where you have

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Why My dog’s nails are turning white?

Did you know that your Dog may be showing signs of nail distress? It is common for dogs’ nails to turn white at the edges due to frequent friction or pressure on the nails.  Dogs are naturally digitigrade, meaning they usually walk on all four legs. Unfortunately, dogs’ feet can get sweaty when they run or play for long periods,

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