Why Do Cats Lick Each Other’s Bum? Uncovering The Mystery?

Have you ever wondered why my cat licks other cats' bums? It might shock you or give you a strange feeling. But the truth is that it's grooming behaviour among cats. Grooming is a social behaviour among them. It indicates various purposes like cleaning, caring, strengthening social bonds, or creating a sense of hierarchy within a group. Well, there is

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Chocolate Poisoning In Dogs

As pet lovers, we often enjoy sharing our food with our beloved dogs. But sometimes, what seems like caring can be harmful, especially to our pets. It is no secret that chocolate is a delightful and favorite treat for people of all ages. But did you know it ruins your dog’s health? Yes, it is harmful to them. This blog

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Cat Meows When Pooping? Why is that?

Cats are intelligent, social animals, and they have their way of communicating with each other. Have you ever wondered why Cat Mewos when pooping? The answer is there may be many reasons behind these Meows after pooping.   If this is your first time owning a Cat, and you hear Meows in the house, perhaps from the room where you have

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